Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Photo Dump

Hey Y'all.  Happy October!!
I know you've all missed me and are just dying for a big ole October Photo Dump.
Your wish is my command.

I haven't been very good at documenting our activities lately but we've been busy this month with various activities.

Lauren and Tyler are now Green Belts.  The next belt test is only three weeks away so they have been busy practicing their form.  They have also started taking a Sparring class one day a week.  They still love TKD and look forward to the classes.
Here is Tyler roundhouse kicking the blue guy back to yesterday. ;)

Now that they are accumulating some belts we need a place to store them.  They sell display cases (for a pretty penny) but I had an idea for a DIY display.  Like most of my DIY ideas I tell Matt about them and he makes them happen.  That guy is awesome!

We've been kicking butt at school lately.
(Sometimes it is a struggle but things seem to be clicking right now.)
We are reading, studying, working hard, and enjoying the results.
We are loving it right now.
Tyler loves to read.  He is reading at a 6th grade level (but I won't let him read books for middle schoolers yet.)  He's not to shabby at Spelling Tests either.

Fun Run
 We had our first big school fundraiser the beginning of the month.  The kids earned money for their school just by running laps.  (Mom and Dad provided the money.)  They both did well but as a whole I noticed the 3rd graders were much more enthusiastic about running than the 5th graders.  I guess that's to be expected.  I'm a little sad that this is Lauren's last Fun Run.

Greek Day
Every year the 3rd Graders at the Elementary School celebrate Greek Day.  They spend a few weeks learning all about the Ancient Greek Civilization and then they get to dress up and enjoy fun Greek food and activities.
Tyler and quite a few buddies were Roman Gladiators (close enough to Greece right?)
This was a fun fun day and I'm very thankful I was able to share this experience with him.

(clockwise: Big Tyler and two gladiator friends paint a fresco, 3rd Grade teachers and students take a goofy class photo, Tyler and buddy ham it up with the ladies (Greek goddesses,) Tyler and Momma.

Lauren just completed another season of Softball.  She played for the Falcons again and played 3rd base and left field.  Although we only won one game, everyone on her team greatly improved.  One game Lauren even caught a fly ball.  
 (left-right: Lauren at bat, Tyler and I sitting together watching her)

We are still involved in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts.  Lauren is Junior Girl Scout and Tyler is a Bear.  I don't have any pictures of Lauren but I'll try to snap a few in the future.
(left-right: the Pack listening to their leader, Tyler whittling a piece of soap to earn his whittling chip)

speaking of Boy Scouts
Last weekend we went on the annual Spook-O-Ree camping trip with the Cub Scouts.
The weather was PERFECT and we had our best camping experience ever.
(Our new 18-inch Aerobed blow-up mattress may have played a huge part.)
We had fun shooting sling shots, BB guns, and arrows.  We also decorated pumpkins for the annual pumpkin decorating contest.  Lauren was 1st place in the Sibling group and Tyler took 3rd place for the Bears.

Family Time
During the week it seems like we are always busy with homework, chores, and after school activities.  It is hard to just relax with the family when we are so busy doing STUFF.
When we do get some free Family Time we make the most of it.
(left-right: Apples to Apples, Beauty Salon, teaching L and T to play Bunco)

Date Night
Matt and I managed to get away for an evening this month.  He took me to a punk rock concert. (or heavy metal?  what's the difference?)  
Totally not my type of music (AT ALL) but it was fun to people watch and I could tell Matt really enjoyed himself.  I'm sure he won't complain when I ask for tickets to see Sam Smith at the Fox in January.

Even though I have not been posting a Weekly Menu this month please know we still eat and we still eat well. (Tyler might disagree but I think he'll come around soon...Lauren has.)
Who knew one of my favorite parts of the day would be cooking dinner for my family?!
Here are some pics of this week's meals.  Perhaps I'll do a Weekly Menu post next because I've had good reviews on what I've made so far.

Skillet Tater Tot Casserole

Big Ole Meatballs stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella

Well after looking at those foody pictures I'm starting to get hungry so I should probably head on up to bed.
I hope you enjoyed the October Photo Dump because we sure enjoyed starring in all of the pictures.

(Thanks for reading!!)

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